Insertables are E-Stim electrodes designed to insert into the body and bring the pleasures internally. Our range is split into several groups or 'families' based on their sizing and shape, and all of our Premium range electrodes come with an exclusive lifetime guarantee, which means that as well as having a quality pleasurable product, they will if cared for, last for years.

Our ElectroEggs are designed to be fully inserted, as they have a captive cable, while the Torpedo Family is topped by the worlds largest commercially produced E-Stim Electrode - The Decimator.

On the other hand, The Deviant range offer a more intense sensation with the Ripplehead design, but if you are looking for something 'chic', then why not consider the elegant Red Collection. If red is not your colour then the Black Collection bight be for you.

Looking for something fully insertable then the ElectroEggs are a good choice as is the E-Bead, designed in conjunction with Mister S of the USA. Whbile on the subject of Mister S electrodes we have also joined forced and developed an electrified version of the 'Worlds Most Comfortable Butt Plug (E-WMCBP)'.

No foil contacts
No bonded plastics
No Phthalates
No Silicon
Lifetime Guarantee
Solid Metal Conductors
Easy to clean/sterilise
Durable 4mm sockets
Choice of Finish
Wide range of sizes
Made in the UK

Constant Improvement

We have now introduced our luxurious Satin finish to replace our original brushed finish on many of our insertables. Our satin finish is softer in feel and looks simply stunning.

Machining an ElectrodeOur premium range of e-stim insertable electrodes offer the best in every way. Every single one of our electrodes have been designed by us, manufactured by us, tested by us, and approved by our customers.

Quality at Every Stage

Unlike some other manufacturers we don't believe in using inferior foil contacts (they peel off and leave sharp edges), or cheap bonded plastics that de-laminate over time, and we most certainly don't use siliocn moulded materials as they are very difficult to clear and the materials breakdown very easily.

Instead all of our Premium Electrodes are manufactured in our own UK workshops with aircraft grade materials, machined to a high tolerance on the latest CNC machines, before being inspected sealed and individually packed.

A number of our electrodes are available in a choice of finishes, from our luxurious Satin finish to a beautiful mirror polish.

Lifetime Guarantee

E-Stim Systems Lifetime Guarantee

We are the only E-Stim Company in the world that offers a Lifetime Guarantee on every Premium Electrode we sell. If you manage to break it in normal use, or it fails due to issues with materials or workmanship, then we will replace or repair it free of charge. All you need to do is return it back to our workshops here in the UK.

Cable key

2mm Cable is needed

A 2mm/TENS cable
is needed.

4mm Cable is needed

A 4mm cable
is needed.

Low Profile can be used

A 4mm/Low profile cable
can be used.

BiCable can be used

A BiCable
can be used.


Apart from our Electro Eggs and EBeads, we don't supply a cable with our electrodes, as one cable will fit many electrodes, so to help you decide if you need a cable all of the electrode pages are marked with a simple cable key to indicate what cables are compatible with each electrode.

Electrodes with 4mm connections need a 4mm cable, Electrodes with 2mm connections need a 2mm connection cable, Some electrodes allow the use of a 4mm Low Profile Cable which means less of the connector sticks out (ideal if you want to sit on an electrode) , and others allow the use of a BiCable, which allows you to combine a single contact on an 4mm electrode with stickypads.