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Author: Jason G.

Review date 03.10.2023

Great service as always, great products


Author: Paul F.

Review date 28.09.2023

Love the products, can be as intense as you wish.
A real improvement from earlier systems.
I would however recommend that every main unit be sold with a mains power adapter and include a surge protection element!
We ended up with many used batteries especially on the continuous mode.
But absolutely love the 2b unit!


Author: Richard H.

Review date 28.09.2023

I order the same stuff every year. Price is always a bit high so having a discount code is always welcome. But the product is better than I can get elsewhere


Author: Dj H.

Review date 26.09.2023

Very good in their service. contact with email and advice.

Very recommend this to others


Author: Avery B.

Review date 20.09.2023

All in all, great experience with all products and services. Only marked down the store website because it seems to malfunction slightly on mobile internet. Works fine on PC but fails to scroll properly on mobile devices. Very pleased with power box and accessories. Suffered with E.D for years. Not much joy from traditional sources. A friend said try this kit. Slightly apprehensive at first, but bloody hell it actually works. No pills! Brought back a spark to the social life.


Author: Rameshbhai P.

Review date 20.09.2023

Very good machine control are very easy to use lots of difference item to choose from


Author: Victoria W.

Review date 15.09.2023

Fantastic products and great customer service, I would recommend shopping here, very happy with everything thank you!


Author: Adrian H.

Review date 08.09.2023

Very good service

Products are a high grade.

With out a doubt I will be ordering again


Author: Martin G.

Review date 02.09.2023

Product is fantastic, the site feels a lille retro and clunky


Author: Scott

Review date 31.08.2023

Fast delivery, good quality, especially when compared to similar products on Ebay. Nothing negative to say!


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