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"The Tripples"

When two contacts on our classic BiPolar electrodes are not enough we now offer you three contacts. Not one, not two, but Three. Now you have even more choice to expand the pleasure and sensation over a wider range, deeper, or extend into the world of Triphase all in an electrode that simply could not exist until we created it. The Tripple.

Created with a similar head shape to our highly popular Torpedo range, we have retained the waisted neck to give comfort and stability ensuring the electrode will only go in as far as you wish, but we have added a smaller insulator section on the head to spilt the whole electrode into 3 contact zones. Each zone is connected to a robust socket recessed into the base of the electrode, and we even mark the sockets so you know what socket goes to what contact.

Currently available in 4 sizes from Small to XL, The Tripples are made of the same aircraft grade materials as our other insertables and are of course covered by our lifetime guarantee, and yes, they can be taken apart completely for cleaning. No silly wires hidden inside, no rubber contacts to degrade, no seals to breakdown or glues to delaminate. These are build to give pleasure, expand experiences and last for years.

Suitable for both anal and vaginal use.

New ElectroRings Stacker

The New E-Stim Systems ElectroRing System has been expanded. Not just a simple electro based cock ring, the ElectroRing System allows you to lock not one, not two, but multiple rings (with the new Stacker) together to produce a Multipole ElectroRing System, giving you electro cock play with a hint of chastity - and it even comes with a 'locking' option - you will need the supplied tool to remove.

Rings come in sizes from 25mm up to 65mm, and feature heavy duty double sided 4mm sockets giving you even more flexibility - and you don't need to use the system all the time, you can use a single ring as a more traditional cock ring, or combine it with another electrode.

New Standard Shipping to Europe

We are now offering lower cost standard shipping into all of Europe, as well as free shipping for the UK. We also offer faster expedited shipping options, just select the option on checkout.

European Union Customers

For destinations in the EU, items are sold at a price exclusive of UK VAT. In other words UK VAT (sales tax) will not be charged when you purchase items from us, however, you will be liable for paying any duties and sales taxes applicable to your country of destination. To help you, all of our prices now show the UK VAT inclusive price, and the ex UK VAT price in brackets. Once you checkout with an EU country as a shipping destination, you will not be charged VAT by us, and therefore will be paying the lower ex UK VAT Price.

We are using harmonisation codes within Europe and the general experience is that 0% duty and your normal rate of VAT may be applied by your local authority, but this is not guaranteed. We recommend checking with your local authorities for clarification.

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Welcome to E-Stim Systems. We have been around since 2004 manufacturing our own range of dedicated electroplay products here in the UK. We started in the Fetish community building for ourselves, when we discovered that more and more people loved what we do...the rest is history.

Please feel free to look around our webstore, and if there is anything you don't understand please feel free to ask.


We have now started to release a series of videos guides on our products. The first gives a quick overview on our 3 most popular powerboxes, but if you want to see more, then why not subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/estimsystems

Too much choice?

With a number power boxes to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed with the choice available. So we have created a number of new quick guides to help (see the boxes at the top of this page). Still not sure? then why not use our online chat facility to talk to an E-Stim expert?

2B™ - The Ultimate in Electrosex Technology

2B Logo
Series 2B

We all want value for money, so the 2B™ is designed to offer you more programs, more control and more power than ever before.

We offer you quality and then we offer you service, by giving the 2B™ an exclusive Lifetime Guarantee. Why buy low specification, poor quality electro 'sex' boxes when you can buy a 2B™ - a pleasure centered power box that will grow with you and your electroplay experiences. Click for more details on the 2B.

Internet, PC or Mac Control?

Combine the 2B with our free Commander 3 software and our digital link interface, and you have the only commercially produced E-Stim powerbox in the world that can be directly controlled from a PC/Mac,to record and playback sessions, add in access to the new secure E-Stim Connect system and you also have secure and easy E-Stim control across the internet from any device with access to a modern browser, from anywhere in the world.

E-Stim, Electrostim, Electroplay or Electrosex is generally designed to be fun and pleasurable! You can experience a never ending range of fantastic sensations that tease and tantalize both him and her with our great Starter Value packs. All of our units have been created by listening to our users and offers excellent value for money, and with prices that start from only £109, together with free UK shipping.

Lifetime Guarantee

And if that is not enough to tempt you, then don't forget ALL of our Power Boxes and ALL of our Premium Electrodes are manufactured by us here in the UK, and are all covered by our exclusive Lifetime Guarantee.