Power Boxes

Simple to Advanced

Power boxes are the magical boxes that create all the delightful sensations that E-Stim play can bring for both him and her. We currently offer 5 power units in our range from the simple to use but highly effective ElectroHelix™, created for people starting on their E-Stim journey, with clear and east to use controls, and 5 program modes, the ElectroPebble® with 2 channels, 9 program modes and built in Audio, to the ultimate in E-Stim - the highly advanced 2B™. With 17 program modes, the ability to connect to the mains for more power, and your PC or Mac for control and updates, the 2B combines the latest in electroplay technology with a simple to use control system.

Remote Control

If you are looking for wireless E-Stim (remote control) then we can offer you our E-Stim Remote System with both motion and audio modes all controlled from a discreet radio keyfob. The E-Stim Remote is based on our original E-Stim Remote, a favourite of TV companies the world over for zapping contestants, which was the first E-Stim control unit in the world to feature a built in motion sensor.

Audio Control

To top the collection off we have the updated ABox Mk2™, another E-Stim Systems exclusive as the original ABox was the first commercially produced pure audio driven E-Stim box in the world.

We like playing with sound so much, The ElectroPebble®, The 2B™ and the E-Stim Remote System all allow you to play with audio.

Made in the UK

We develop and manufacture all of our control units here in the UK - it allows us to ensure that they are designed and built to the latest UK and EU safety standards - something you won't find on some cheap imported 'toys', and in addition all of our sales team actually use the products in their own personal lives, so you know we are offering advice based on our own experiences and not just on some pretty shiny box that looks good for five minutes but then is consigned to the bin.

Everything you need

All of our E-Stim packs are supplied with a selection of accessories chosen to get you started as soon as possible, starting with a protective carry case, connection cables, sticky pad electrodes, a manual or quick start guide and even a battery.

You might think we have nothing more to give, but to give you additional peace of mind all of our control units, like our Premium electrodes are covered by our exclusive lifetime guarantee.

If you want to know more, then why not have a read through our guide on How to choose an E-Stim powerbox, or just explore our website, try our online chat, drop us an Email or give us a call on 01923 226494 (or +44 1923 226494 if you are outside the UK.)

Welcome to the world of E-Stim