What is E-Stim

What is it?

E-Stim,electrostim,electrosex, electroplay all mean one thing. Using small electrical signals to stimulate the body in interesting and pleasurable ways. The human body runs on electrical signals, from touch to thinking, so its no great leap of the imagination to use a box of tricks to add to the feeling, and that’s what E-Stim does.

Is it complex?

No. A power box, an electrode and a cable in between is all you need. If you can plug your mobile phone in to charge it, you should be able to work one of our boxes. All of our packs comes with everything you need to get started, apart from a little imagination.

Is it dangerous?

No. We work to a very high standard of safety and providing you don’t connect anything above the waist then there are generally no issues, however if you have a pacemaker, any form of electronic implant, suffer from epilepsy or are pregnant then we would suggest that playing with E-Stim or TENS units is not advisable. Playing above the waist is possible, but you need to take a little more care and try to avoid running current across the chest.

What does it feel like?

That’s a hard question to answer, as E-Stim feels different to every person, and is highly dependent on how you do it. It can feel like a million tiny fingers tickling your skin, or give you a hard internal fucking - depending on what you enjoy. Not everyone likes every setting, but that is the point - there is something for everyone, and part of the fun is exploring what you enjoy!?

Is it fun?

YES!!! An E-Stim box can generate 1000s of different sensations at different levels and applied to different locations you can have a totally different experience from one day to the next.

Is it expensive?

We would like to say no, but then it is not cheap. If you consider any purchase of E-Stim to be an investment then buying the best at the beginning is always a good idea. We design our equipment to be robust, and offer a free lifetime guarantee with all of our power units and premium electrodes. There are cheaper boxes and electrodes on the market, but they soon show their limitations in terms of quality and versatility.

Is it just for men?

Not in the slightest. With a wide range of electrodes available from insertables to toys designed to be used on the surface of the skin, from hard core monsters to items that tease and tantalise, there will be something for Her, Him and everyone else. And don’t forget you also have the option of ‘controlling’ your partners fun, which adds a completely new dynamic to play.

Is E-Stim the same as TENS?

NO. E-Stim and TENS share some similarities, but E-Stim runs at high levels, offers a wider range of sensation and is far more controllable. TENS units are designed to inhibit sensation, why would you want to do that in erotic play???