Long 4mm Cable

This is the long version of our standard 4mm cable, with a moulded 3.5mm mono jack plug with 4M of cable terminated in two moulded colour coded 4mm plugs, created to connect and of our E-Stim electrodes with 4mm sockets (all of our Premium Range electrodes) to any of our E-Stim control boxes, as well as control units from Folsom, PES and ErosTek. The longer length gives more flexibility in play.

If you are looking for a connection cable for Self Adhesive electro pads, then you will need our 2mm/TENS cable.

Available in two lengths, this 4M version or our standard 1.5m 4mm cable.

Supplied with a 3 month guarantee.

(£13.33 ex UK VAT)

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