Helix Blue Pack

Helix Blue Pack
Helix Blue Pack
Helix Blue Pack

Meet the Helix Blue™ Pack

We started E-Stim Systems started in 2004 with the original Series 1. Since then it has become a classic and has been the mainstay of our starter electro range, introducing many thousands of people to the pleasures that electroplay can bring.

But like many things, over time you think you might want just a little more, maybe a little smaller, even little better - the result in the ElectroHelix™, or 'Helix' for short.

Too many systems are offered which are cheep imported and rebadged electro acupuncture or TEN units, we have been creating and playing with electroplay devices since 2004, so we do know what works and what doesn't, and the ElectroHelix certainly works, and if you are not sure, then ask yourself one question - why are we still the only company offering a full Lifetime Guarantee on all of our Power Boxes and all of our Premium Electrodes?

A classic, but better in every way

The ElectroHelix™ contains the 'DNA' of our classic Series 1, but with a completely updated and reworked design giving you simply more of everything you need. With an updated microprocessor control boost system, together with an entirely new logic timing control the ElectroHelix™ has 5 program modes, including the infamous and still unique 'Fire Button' Mode.

The ElectroHelix and Cock Play

With the Helix Blue™ Pack, you get all the goodies of the standard ElectroHelix™ together with a set of adjustable 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops. Simply slip the loops over the head of the penis, adjust to fit, and then plug a connection into each loop. Plug into the ElectroHelix™ and enjoy the pleasures and sensations coursing through your most important member.

Smooth Controls

We have retained the smooth analogue controls. The output is step-less giving you almost infinite control over the level, how many times have you found that level 18 is too low and level 19 is too much? And of course with the rotary controls it easy and quick to turn from 100% to zero with just a twist of the wrist in seconds - control just when you need it.

Power ControlMore Power

The ElectroHelix has more power than a Series 1, but still has a similar level of stamina to the original, giving hours of play from a single PP3 battery. We have not followed the trend of our competitors with rechargeable batteries, as they always go flat at the most inopportune moment and take hours (literally) to recharge. With the Helix when things go a little flat, simple pop in a new battery - it takes seconds rather than hours for a recharge.

More Modes

The original Series 1 had 3 modes, the ElectroHelix now has 5 including Milk and Teese, both programmed to give you more interesting sensations, and both fully controllable with both Speed and Feel Controls. Mode selection is via a simple tactile push button, and since the level does not drop to zero it is possible to switch from one mode to another as part of your play.

Extended Modes

We have extended the pulse mode giving longer pulse intervals over a Series 1, but to make it even more versatile we have also gone the other way with shorter pulse intervals that almost become continuous, all from a simple twist of a knob.

Feel More

The Feel control works in all modes but again offers a wider range of feel and sensation. The units might mask a different mode with different settings, we give you complete control, to find the feel that you enjoy.

'Sport' Mode

Turn the ElectroHelix™ on and you get a level of intensity that most people will enjoy - but if you want it sharper and more intense then press and hold the Fire button as you turn the ElectroHelix™ on and everything becomes just a little sharper and a little more intense, a bit like the 'Sport' button on a performance car.

Smaller and Lighter

We have redesigned the case, giving you a unit that is smaller and lighter easily fitting in the hand with all controls and switches easily to hand, but not too small to vanish under the bed, and with the rubber grip knobs and wipe clean fascia you can play with gloves or lube on your fingers.

Safety, Quality and with a Lifetime Guarantee

Like all of our power boxes the ElectroHelix™ is designed and built in the UK to conform to the latest in UK and EU safety standards, and unlike some imported e-stim units, the ElectroHelix™ not only comes with a CE mark, it comes with a full Lifetime Guarantee. The ElectroHelix as has built in self testing and battery level monitoring so you know when to change a battery.

Technical Specifications

Channels / Outputs Single Channel via industry standard 3.5mm mono socket
Display High Brightness Light Emitting Diodes indicating Self Test, Battery Level, Output Status and Current Mode
Program Modes 5 - Pulse Flo Fire Milk and Tease
Controls Output Intensity, Feel Control Speed Control, Mode selection and Fire Button
Output Waveform BiPhasic AC
Power Supply Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3) (supplied)
Dimensions (Approx) 112mm x 65mm x 41mm
Weight 160g
Supplied Accessories

1 x 3.5mm to 2mm/TENS Connection Cable
A pair of 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops
4 x Self Adhesive Electro Pads
1 x PP3 Battery
1 x User Manual
1 x Carry Case

Guarantee Lifetime (PowerBox)

User Manual

E-Stim Systems ElectroHelix™ User Manual

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