Large Flo™

Say "Hello" to the Large Flo™, with its elegant flowing lines, longer neck and larger head the Large Flo™ has the same smooth mirror polished finish as the Small Flo™ but with the added length in the neck it will reach deeper inside and the larger head will give the user a fuller feel.

Smooth to the touch it will slip in easily and with its wider base it will nestle comfortably against the labia giving both external as well as internal sensations. Although primarily designed for vaginal use the Large Flo™ is just as comfortable when used anally.

Designed with the contacts top and bottom rather than side to side, this like the rest of our premium insertable electrodes, gives a more natural feeling action when in use. It also features a groove on the base to aid grip during insertion and removal.

Made of aircraft grade aluminium and then polished to a mirror finish to show off its beautiful flowing lines.

Cable key

4mm Cable is needed

A 4mm cable
is needed.

Low Profile can be used

A 4mm/Low profile cable
can be used.

Lifetime guarantee

The Large Flo is fitted with heavy duty 4mm sockets in the base. If you are considering longer term use, then we suggest using our low profile connectors as they are more comfortable and allow for The Large Flo to be worn easily with underwear.
As with all of our Premium Electrodes the Large Flo is covered by Our unique Lifetime Guarantee and supplied in a custom made Red re-usable protective storage tube.


Cleaning is simple and easy, The Large Flo can be washed off in hot water with light detergent and then wiped dry. Do NOT use caustic cleaning substances as this may damage the electrode. Make sure the electrode is fully dry including the sockets before storage.

For a more thorough clean it can be disassembled and the metal parts washed separately just make sure to follow the instructions when re-assembling.


We recommend the use of water based lubricant for play so as to ensure easy insertion and good conductivity. Do NOT use silicone or Hybrid lubricants. Please note condoms cannot be used with our electrodes.


Name Large Flo™
Type BiPolar Insertable
Overall Length 120mm (4.7")
Insertable Length 110mm (4.3")
Head Diameter 37.5mm (1.5")
Base Diameter 50mm (2")
Weight 268g
Connections Dual 4mm sockets in base
Guarantee Lifetime

User Guides

E-Stim Systems BiPolar Electrode Manual
Guide to Choosing an Electrode

Please Choose:

You will need a cable to connect your electrode to your control unit.
Non E-Stim Systems control units may require a TENS style connection, but may not have the power to drive
the larger electrodes.


We always recommend our Electro conductive Gel for use with insertables.
Manufactured to give a smoother more comfortable response, and suitable for internal use, it is far superior over other more 'sex toy' orientated lubricants.

Conductive Gel

Pack of 12 sterile disinfectant wipes

Disinfectant Wipes

(£75.00 ex UK VAT)

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