BiPolar EClip

BiPolar EClip

Bipolar Electro clips (or EClips™ for short) are a rare but essential tool for anyone's electro playbox. The clip features two gold plated electrodes within the clip, so current flows across whatever is gripped in the clip.

Unlike other copies the E-Stim Systems EClip has an adjustment screw which allows you to limit the gripping force, ideal for connection to the more delicate bits.

Supplied as a single clip, attached to a 1.5M cable with a 3.5mm Jack plug, suitable for connection to any of our control boxes. The Clip is not suitable for connection to metal objects, for such a connection you will need a pair of our Crock Clips.

As this is a surface play product we recommend the use of Conductive Gel as this will assist with conductivity.

We advise if you are intending to use two EClips on the same person, you only attempt this on a control unit with isolated outputs, such as our high specification 2B control box..


Name EClip™
Type Bipolar electrode
Max Opening 9mm
Overall length 42mm
Cable Length 1.5M
Weight 39g
Connections 3.5mm Jack Socket
Guarantee 3 months

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We always recommend the use of a conductive gel on the surface of the skin when using a surface electrode such as this as it will aid in conductivity and provide a smoother sensation.

Conductive Gel

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