Conductive Gels & Wipes

Conductive gel or 'lube' is something we get asked about on a regular basis so hopefully we are able to answer a few of the more common questions and give you some advice as to how to get the best out of your gel.

What is it?

Conductive gel is a clear water based gel that is electrically conductive. Unlike other gels on the adult market our E-Stim Systems Conductive Gel is designed specifically for electroplay, so you know you are using a quality product that will help to enhance your E-Stim play.

What does it do?

Because of its lubrication and conductivity properties conductive gel will greatly improve the e-stim sensation when used with insertables, and is a must when using certain contact electrodes such as Pin Wheels or Electro Whiskers on dry skin. Remember there is no need to use conductive gel on Self adhesive sticky pads. It just makes a mess and doesn't work well with the adhesive already present.

How do i use it?

Generally you don't need a large about of gel, just enough to moisten the skin or lightly coat an electrode. A small amount of gel will go a surprising long way. Too much gel is nearly as bad as too little, it just makes everything slide around. If you are using surface play electrodes then apply the gel to the skin, if you are using insertables then try to apply the gel to the insertable itself.

Can I use anything else instead?

All of the conductive gels we stock are compatible with electroplay toys. They have the right ingredients to ensure good conductivity, and none of the ingredients that many damage the electrode, the connection cables or even worse the subject. At a pinch you can use water based gels, but ensure that they are be water based. Silicon or hybrid based gels contain far too many chemicals, and have a high silicon content which isn't very conductive. So just remember water based gels good, silicon or oil based gels not so good.

You sell 2 different gels - What is the difference?

Our own general purpose conductive gel is available in two sizes, a handy 100ml tube and a larger 250ml Pump. Sterile Lube is a conductive gel that is supplied in a sterile sachet that is sterile until the package is opened and is ideal for use with our range of UltraSounds where cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of play.

Is it Safe?

Yes. Our own brand Conductive Electrogel is water-based, made in the EU, and carries a CE approval mark, so has been tested to conform to all the relevant safety standards. We always recommend that you try a small mount on your skin before playing just to check, but you shouldn't have any issues.

Our Conductive Gel is also designed for internal and external use unlike many cosmetic lubricants (have a look on a tube - does it say 'not for internal use'?).

Need More information?

Hopefully you know know a little more about conductive gel, but if you still have questions, then please give us a call, drop us an email, or try our online chat system.

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