E-Stim Systems ElectroGel

It has taken us over a year of research and development, but we have finally reached the point where we have created an electrocoductive gel that we are proud to put our name to - Meet the New E-Stim Systems Conductive Electrogel

Designed for play

Unlike most other water based lubes available today, our ElectroGel has been specifically created for use in electroplay. With a clear gel like feel, it helps to lubricate, moisturise and improve conductivity providing an enhanced electroplay experience, both on the surface of the skin, and more importantly internally.

Suitable for internal use

Yes it is true, our ElectroGel is suitable for internal use, so you can now enjoy the pleasures of insertables as well as play on the surface of the skin.

Easy to Apply

A small amount on the skin, or any E-Stim insertable and the fun can begin. If things start to dry out, then apply a bit more - the choice is yours. And since it is waterbased it is easy to clean up afterwards.

Suitable for use with all E-Stim Systems Insertables as well as being latex friendly.

Supplied in a handy 100ml tube.

Not recommended for use with Sticky Pad electrodes.

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