Small Magnum™

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Date Added: 24/01/2024 3 stars

I already have the E-WMCBP 2.0 medium and wanted something to complement which was easier to “accommodate “ and insert. First the positives. As can be expected, the Small Magnum is beautifully made and nice to hold. I would be very surprised if anyone has ever claimed on the lifetime guarantee! It also arrives in a nicely designed and robust plastic sleeve which is ideal for storage and long term protection of the product. The Small Magnum is very easy to insert and very comfortable once inside. There would be no issue with prolonged periods of insertion. The sensations at different power levels are wonderful as a result of the design and can range from erotically stimulating and toning to extremely challenging!. For anyone who wants to try estim plugs for the first time, I would have no hesitation in recommending this product. I do, however, have two issues which takes it down from a 5 star rating to only 3. Whilst it is easy to insert, it is also easy for it to dislodge and come out unless held in place which somewhat defeats the purpose. This is particularly the case at higher power settings that create uncontrollable spasms and contractions. There is also a concern that if pushed in with too much pressure, it could become “lost” inside as the rear flange is quite narrow. I would not wish to rely on the cables to have to remove it! I think the above could easily be addressed by increasing the diameter of the base by say 10mm and to increase the length of the narrow shaft connecting the base to the head. The effect of increasing the shaft length would make it easier to close and contract around the shaft and to hopefully avoid any unintended rejections. 15mm to 20mm would probably suffice though it is recognised that one does not want to lose contact with the prostate.

ADMIN: Thank you for your comments, however to do as you suggest would mean that the product was not a Small Magnum but a different product. We have sold this particular product for well over 10 years and had next to no adverse comment about it and it has to be considered that everyone is slightly different and so for some they may experience the issue you are referring to but for others they won't. We do value all feedback and it will be considered for future designs
by Gary D.