2B Power Box

Date Added: 03/09/2020 5 stars

Amazingly powerful ! Contrary to what I had read about this box, even at low power setting (default setting) and on battery (no need of AC adaptator except if you want painful stim or very long sessions), you can get very pleasurable sessions at 10-20% level in most modes. Built in modes are very interesting and I got a very nice HFO with throb mode in few minutes ! Noticeably, I had a long session with stereo input 4 hours before, ending with a fantastic HFO. So, in a 5 hour time I enjoyed two HFO ! Not so bad for my first try with estim2B and for a 53 year old man…
Of course, stereo input mode offers unlimited combinations of extraordinary pleasurable sessions, but don’t neglect built in modes, some of them are particularly efficient to reach rapid HFO. You can connect it to your smartphone, and once again, there is enough power (I kept a less than 30 % level)
This box is far more easy to use than my Stereo HIFI device I used. I think it will become my travel companion.
One negative point, don’t turn to speedily the setting buttons, otherwise the changes are not taken in account.
Forgive my English, I am French ! Enjoy !!
by MC