2B Power Box

Date Added: 05/01/2016 5 stars

Have had my Series1 EStim for about a month now the Series 1 is a great starter machine, Simple to use and packs a real punch which is now left at my ladies home for when I am over there.
So for Christmas I treated myself to a 2B EStim as the reviews said it had more kick than the series one, Well I can say that I am truly impressed with the 2B machine and yes the 2B lights me up …….. More later!
The 2B is extremely well made and has a good solid feel, the rotary knobs and controls feel good and made to last, It’s so easy to use that Madam got her head around the control in 5 minutes.
My Mistress loves the fact that she can get a digital read out for the power level she is giving me, She loves making me take higher power settings and gets real joy from watching me beg for mercy which normally results in yet another higher power setting !
The real beauty of the 2B is that you can use an external power supply which really does add loads more punch to the power levels, It also means that you get no battery drain as if you use the device for longer periods of time the power levels remain painful / pleasantly the same.
The most power I have done is 50% of max power and let’s say I was jumping for joy !, I dread (Can’t wait) for the day she makes me take 90 – 100% power, that’s her evil side,
She knows having me bound and helpless to stop her upping the power is magical and a real turn on ! Another good thing with EStim is you can up the power and have you partner buzzing and if needed you can instantly turn off the power, that’s good to know!
With the 2B you can set the power setting’s low and get a sensation like pins and needles, play with the settings a little more and you get a wonderful relaxing feeling as if fingers are being run over you scrotum, Very erotic, Great for solo play as you can tease yourself for hours, Not sure if you meant to use EStim for 2 or 3 hours, But it feels too good to stop !
Then when you warmed up you can go for the stronger power settings that feel make you feel like you have been struck by a thunder bolt, One good thing about the 2B is that if you change mode setting it always goes to zero power setting, thus avoiding any sudden unwanted surprises,
For folks with multiple piercings
I have discovered that I need to protect my Prince Albert piercing from higher power setting, a condom or tape over the PA ring protects it ! The PA is OK at lower power settings, But higher level zap like hell ! As the PA is more sensitive than other areas down there if the PA makes accidently contact with my other piercings which are live I get a chain / zap effect I get a reminded that my PA has made contact with my other piercings that are live via the rubber conductive ring that I use.

All in all I totally sold on EStim, I will be back to get a motion / remote device, that sounds like something to test out while shopping.

Well done to you guys at EStim, You have brightened up my sex life loads, Happy New to you all
by SI