ElectroPebble XPE Pack

Date Added: 19/11/2019 5 stars

This is my very first e-stim product and I don't regret getting it. This is the very first "thing" that can give me hands free orgasms and that's been a quest to achieve.

The power, for someone new to e-stim, is enough. Though I feel someone more accustomed to e-stim should go for the 2B.

The feeling on "torment" is like someone squeezes you from the base up to the tip. It's amazing. You can also switch up how it feels by changing the polarization.

The good thing with this pack is that you can experiment with different electrodes. You can place the pads on different muscles or somewhere you please (don't use anything e-stim above waist! Also not hand to hand!)

All in all I can just recommend anyone, especially new to e-stim, this product.

The box is light and small. Everything is easy to handle. The knobs are really precise. It is worth every penny in my book.

That is all :)
by FE