Date Added: 11/05/2022 5 stars

I have a few power boxes mostly from E-Stim systems and decided to add a
Pebble to my collection. This review will compare the pebble to the Helix
as anyone looking for a power box may be looking at both these power boxes
and which box would suit them better.

Both the helix and pebble feel solid to hold however the pebble feels a bit more
ergonomic and the rubberised sides makes for a better grip then the helix
which is important when your hands are full of lube.

Many people have complained about getting the battery out of the pebble however
I have learned that if you push on one end of the battery often the other end will
pop up and there is no need to have to use tools. Maybe E-stim systems might consider
making a small plastic tool for removing the battery and included with the pebble.

There is no real difference with the power of intensity between the pebble and
helix however battery life on the pebble is some what shorter so its worth while
to keep a spare battery at hand with the pebble especially if your planning on a long

The modes that make most use of the dual channels of the pebble are split and bounce
with the Adjust controlling the speed It would have been nice to have a couple more
modes make use of this feature however taking into consideration the cost it's still
a good introduction to stereo stimming.

Pulse and Milk modes feel different between the Helix and pebble at first impressions
this is because the pebble is using a higher frequency then the Helix when the feel
control of the Helix is set to minimum. Setting the Helix feel on maximum gives a
very similar feel to the pebble however the pebble adjust changes the speed of the cycle
of the Milk mode which can not be adjusted on the Helix and the Helix adjusts the feel of
the Pulse and Milk which can not be adjusted on the Pebble.

Stereo mode only has the option of using the built in microphone and so you can not use
stereo stim patterns to control each independent channel on the pebble and also its not
the most discrete way of stimming.
I feel this mode would be most interesting for a couple using voice as an introduction.
In the same way the Helix has the fire mode for couples to interact with.

The Helix tease mode is nothing like the tease mode on the Pebble and is more like
the toment mode on the pebble. The difference is the cycle of the helix in the tease mode
can be slowed down more then the cycle of the pebble's torment mode. Also there is a slight
difference of the frequency used so they still do not feel the same.

The life line is a nice feature of the pebble however it would be a little better if the mode
your in would flash a different colour while the life line is showing the pattern of the mode.

My conclusion is for the extra modes the pebble is a real bargain. Its a well rounded power
box that has enough power to bring on a hands free ending, enough modes to keep you experimenting
for a good while and an introduction to dual channel stim and audio stim. The Helix may
have less modes however the modes it does have can be set to more variations then the same modes
of the pebble. I'm not going to say which box is better as they are very different.

The helix is worth having just for the tease mode while the pebble is a good introduction to
some of what the 2B can do. If you cant make the investment of the 2B but want a bit more then
what the Helix has to offer the pebble makes for a very good alternative.
by MD