The perfect all round electrode, our bipolar Flange electrode was initially designed after requests from our customers for an electrode with a larger base to prevent the electrode being inserted too far. The result has turned out to be one of the most popular on the market and has lead to several other designs. Not too large, comfortable for both vaginal and anal use, the added flanged base provides additional contact and stimulus around the clitoral area. And if that is not enough the flanged electrode is covered by our Lifetime Guarantee, and is now available with our luxurious Satin finish.Lifetime Guarantee

The design features a recessed mounting bolt and a ridge on the base to aid grip during insertion.

Produced to our usual high standards with aircraft grade aluminium and with our luxurious Satin finish. This electrode will, if cared for, last for years.

Unlike some other E-Stim electrodes on the market today the contact points are top and bottom rather than side to side, providing a more natural feeling action when the electrode moves.

Cable key

4mm Cable is needed

A 4mm cable
is needed.

Low Profile can be used

A 4mm/Low profile cable
can be used.

Created for Comfort

The Flange electrode is fitted with heavy duty 4mm recessed sockets in the base. If you are considering longer term use of the flanged electrode, then we suggest the use of our low profile connectors, as they are much more comfortable and practical when the flange is inserted, and the subject sits down.

Supplied in a protective storage tube.


Type BiPolar Insertable
Overall Length 100mm (4")
Insertable Length 65mm (2.5")
Head Diameter 25mm (1")
Base Diameter 50mm (2")
Weight 208g
Connections Dual 4mm sockets in base
Guarantee Lifetime

User Guides

E-Stim Systems BiPolar Electrode Manual Guide to Choosing an Electrode

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Please Choose:

You will need a cable to connect your electrode to your control unit.
Non E-Stim Systems control units may require a TENS style connection, but may not have the power to drive
the larger electrodes.


We always recommend our Electro conductive Gel for use with insertables.
Manufactured to give a smoother more comfortable response, and suitable for internal use, it is far superior over other more 'sex toy' orientated lubricants.

Conductive Gel

Pack of 12 sterile disinfectant wipes

Disinfectant Wipes

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