Remote Keyfob Transmitter (New Remote System)

An additional remote control transmitter designed to link with our new E-Stim Remote System. Up to 50 keyfobs can be securely paired with one receiver.

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Each keyfob can be digitally encoded to a single receiver, so in normal use your receiver won't respond to any other controller, however the built in learn function allows multiple receivers to work in combination with multiple transmitters, as well as the other way around. In other words one transmitter can control several receivers, as well as one receiver responding to several transmitters choice is yours. All this can be setup simply in seconds.

Supplied fitted with a battery.

This is NOT compatible with the Classic E-Stim Remote System, the correct keyfob for that is the Classic E-Stim Remote Keyfob.

Technical Specification

Device Radio controlled keyfob transmitter.
Compatibility New E-Stim Remote System. Not compatible with our Classic 3 button Remote
Range upto 50M in ideal conditions
Radio Specification Keyloc Digitally encoded AM 433Mhz
Power Supply Transmitter Battery : CR2032
Dimensions (approximate.)

59mm x 33mm x 9mm

Weight (with battery) 17g
Supplied Accessories Key fob Transmitter with battery,


(£32.50 ex UK VAT)

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