2B Accessory Pack

2B Accessory Pack

Introducing the 2B accessory Pack.

If you have, or are considering the purchase of our fantastic 2B, they you are bound to want to look to expand your e-stim experiences. We have looked at the accessories that customers purchasing the 2B were buying and have decided to make things easier, combining all of the accessories you might need into a pack that also save you money (compared to purchasing the items individually).

More Power, More Connectivity

The 2B accessory pack includes an E-Stim Systems Universal 220V/110V mains adapter (with the adaptors), which means no more running out of batteries and also gives your 2B an instant 30% more power. The Digital Link Interface, which allows you to upgrade the 2B Firmware every time we release new versions, but not only that but it allows for control of the 2B via a PC or Mac computer via Commander 3, and which also means secure control over the internet via E-Stim Connect, so now rather than just web camming with someone you can now actually have control of what they feel.

More Cables

If that was not enough we have also added in 2 sets of 4mm cables as no doubt you are going to be wanting to use some of our extensive range of accessories most of which use the 4mm connector.

Pack Contents

  • Universal Voltage Mains Power Supply with mains adaptors for UK, US, EU and Australia
  • USB Digital Link Interface, with UpLink, our award winning E-Stim Connect and Commander 3 supplied on a USB Stick
  • 2 x 4mm Cables

(£87.50 ex UK VAT)

Good Stock

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