Electro Cock Straps

Back in the days of yore, when electroplay was just a twinkling in Thomas Edison's eye, there was the famous blue band. Developed from antistatic wrist bands, they appear in virtually everyones electro toybox. Why? because they are cheap and used correctly they work very well.

Possibly not as good as conductive rubber the 'blue band' is quite effective and for some a popular choice. Unlike cheaper antistatic wrist straps our straps are fitted with a snap adaptor with a low resistance link, rather than the high value resistor normally present. This ensure the strap works very well as a cock electrode.

Cable key

4mm Cable is needed

A 4mm cable
is needed.

The fabric bands has woven silver wires embedded in the fabric and when wet (that's the key!!!) they are quite durable but overtime they will fray, so don't expect these electrodes to last for ever.

The elastic strap is also able to cope with the various stages of erection and the various diameters of the male appendage.

In use the strap fits over the shaft of the penis and is then gently tightened by pulling on the end of the strap. The strap also has a locking tab that allows you to lock the strap in position. A connection plug is then inserted into the end of the snap adaptor and connected to an e-stim power unit, and then the fun can begin.

Our straps are supplied as a pair with the snap adaptors.As cock straps are classed as monopole electrodes you will need two straps to operate correctly, or one strap and another electrode to act as the second contact.

Although we suggest the use of water to help the conductivity, conductive gel works even better.

Technical Specification

Name Conductive Electro Cock Straps
Length 2 x 25cm (10")
Maximum diameter 65mm (2 1/2")
Minimum diameter 25mm (1")
Width 20mm
Connection 4mm Plug via 10mm snap adaptors

User Manual

E-Stim Systems Conductive Straps User Manual

Please Choose:

You will need a cable to connect your electrode to your control unit.
Non E-Stim Systems control units may require a TENS style connection, but may not have the power to drive
the larger electrodes.


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