Workship Upgrade

Let us upgrade your 2B™ in our own workshops with our quick and cost effective return to base upgrade service. You do not need this upgrade if you are buying a new 2B as all our units ship with the latest released firmware, this is only for current owners of 2b's.

The E-Stim Systems 2B control unit, contains a powerful microprocessor designed to control all the functions of the 2B. As part of our ongoing goal to improve everything we do we are constantly working to improve the software, both in terms of it's functionality and easy of use and because of this we offer a versatile upgrade service.

Simply check the 2B Firmware information to work out if you want an upgrade, then select and pay for the upgrade via your shopping basket. Once we have the order we will send you a Repairs Reference Number and details of where to send your unit. Please do not send your unit to us until you have received this information. We will then perform the upgrade, retest your unit and then quickly return it to you, keeping you informed via email every step of the way.

Q Do I need an upgrade?

We list the changes for each version so you can make an informed choice. If you feel you want the additional functionality offered by an upgrade then the choice is yours. If you're not sure then why not drop us an e-mail for some advice.

Q How do I know what version I have?

Simply switch your 2B on. after the initial welcome screen you should see the top line show 'Version x.xx', where x.xx is your version number of the software you currently have installed.

Q Can I do the upgrade myself?

With certain upgrades, if you have the digital link interface and software, and Version 2.07 or above then yes you can perform the upgrade via the Uplink system. If you don't yet have the digital link interface then you will need to return the unit to us, or if you have older firmware than 2.07.

Q How long does it take?

The upgrade generally takes less that an hour, but we then test your unit, before returning it to you in the post, insured and tracked. If you need your unit returned for a particular date then please contact us before ordering the upgrade. Don't forget as part of the update process we will also check the rest of the unit so you can be assured of many more years happy service from your 2B.

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