E-Stim Systems Cable Key

Cable Key

With so many electrodes to choose from, it is sometimes difficult to understand what cable to use with any particular electrode. So we have a key to help. If you don't have an E-Stim Powerbox, then have a look at our page on Cables and Adaptors.

A 2mm Cable is needed A 2mm/TENS Cable is required.These are normally supplied with every one of our power boxes, except the 2B Pro Pack.
A 4mm Cable is needed A 4mm Cable is needed.
A LowProfile Cable can be used

A Low Profile cable can be used. This has 4mm connections, but does not stick out as far as the 4mm Cable. Ideal if you wish to sit on an electrode.

a BiCable Can be used

A BiCable can be used.This has a 4mm and a 2mm plug on the same end, allowing you to connect electrodes of different sizing together. Ideal for using insertables and pads together.

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