Electro tweezer

Electro tweezer

Our BiPolar Electro Tweezers are one of our more unusual creations. Run lightly across the skin the gold plated tips can produce some interesting sensations, whilst gripping a delicate bit can generate the most intense E-Stim feeling.

We strongly recommend the use of ElectroGel with the tweezers.

Fitted with a 3.5mm plug suitable for connection to all our our Power units.


Name Tweezers
Type Bipolar Skin electrode
Max Opening 30mm
Overall length 140mm
Weight 35g
Connections 3.5mm Plug
Guarantee 3 months

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We always recommend the use of a conductive gel on the surface of the skin when using a surface electrode such as this as it will aid in conductivity and provide a smoother sensation.

Conductive Gel

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