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Questions and answers to some of the more common questions regarding E-Stim and its pleasures. This is not a compete list and is constantly being updated.

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What is the difference between Mono and Stereo?

Sound we hear is generally stereo, as we had two ears we can determine where sound is coming from. Modern music systems offer stereo i.e. 2 audio channels that we sometimes described as left and right. Mono sound is similar to that that comes from a cheap radio it only has one source. Stereo signals give two different outputs but in an E-Stim context this does not always give two separate outputs. Depending on the functionality of the box, will depend on whether you have stereo or mono outputs (two or one channel)

What is the difference between TENS and E-Stim?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes.

TENS machines are designed for pain relief, they are not designed for sexual stimulation or pleasure. They tend to be less powerful and have levels of control and modes more suited to medical therapy than sexual pleasure or torment. - It is one of the reasons some have a treatment timer, that shuts everything off after 30 minutes of treatment - something you might not want just as things become interesting.

TENS machines tend to have unusual connectors which make it hard to use different electrodes.

what is volumetric shipping?

Volumetric Shipping is shipping based on the volume of a package, not just its weight. Volumetric shipping is used for many overseas shipments

what sort of output is on the 2B?

The 2B™ is a dual isolated channel output box with biphasic AC waveforms. Output always depends on load. You may find some cheap tens style units might quote 60mA as an output, but from a technical point of view this is completely meaningless-it is similar to saying my car does 66 miles-there is information missing; the load the nature of the waveform etc etc. Power, or the perception of power is very subjective can vary from subject to subject and even from day-to-day, and is very much dependent on the nature of the waveform used. the 2B™ has been developed specifically to give a wide variation in sensation and power. it is not just a case of more power is good you need to ensure that you have the ability to control that power. Suffice to say the 2B™ is one of the most powerful units on the market and if you're looking for absolute power then consider purchasing the 2B™ mains power supply as well.

Why can't I use silicon gel?

The obvious answer is silicon does not conduct, but it is more a case that the compounds used in silicon-based gels and lubricants adversely effect rubber and latex-based compounds, so the general advice is stick to water-based lube.

Will it leave marks?

Generally E-Stim with made for play dedicated units doesn't leave marks, unless you are using it for long periods of time, or at very high levels. But should you incur any adverse reactions, such as skin tenderness while using an Electro-Stimulation unit it is recommended that you discontinue its use. Electrical play with violetwands is known to cause marking.

With an estim unit , it came with a urethral sound and a sticky pad. Where is the best place to stick the pad? under balls, underside of penis, top side? Thanks

The simple answers is any and all 3. Try one, then try another until you find it most pleasurable. These is no best point as we are are different and all enjoy different sensations.

Would having a hip replacement be a problem if I wanted to try E-Stim?

There should be no issues, however if you are unsure you could alwasy ask your Doctor or medical practitioner for advice on using TENS, as TENSand E-Stim have the same safety requirements.

You bank rejected my payment why?

We do not know. We use a very secure payment system that communicates direct with your bank, and it informs us if they are going to pay us on your behalf. If they decide for whatever reason not to approve the payment, they do not tell us why. In this situation we would suggest firstly check all the address and card details you have entered, and then try again, and if it still fails have a chat with your bank or card issuer.

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