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Questions and answers to some of the more common questions regarding E-Stim and its pleasures. This is not a compete list and is constantly being updated.

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Can I use a condom on the electrodes?

No, as e-stim electrodes rely on contact with the body, a condom will provide an insulator, preventing the electrode from working. The best method to ensure protection from infection is to ensure that you have your own electrodes and you don't share with others. Ensure you clean the electrodes thoroughly both before and after use.

Can I use a violet wand and e-stim at the same time?

It is not something that we would generally recommend. A violet wand is designed to use excessively high voltages (although tiny currents) that will destroy most consumer electronics - so your PC, mobile phone and any other electronics that you can think of could be vulnerable.

Simple answer - No.

Can I use a Zinc Carbon battery?

No. A zinc carbon battery, normally marketed as a cheaper battery (10 for 1), doesn't have the capacity to drive a Series 1 let alone a 2B™. Steer clear of them.

Can I use e-stim across my nipples?

Despite what you might see on electro sex groups we strongly advise against using any E-Stim equipment across the nipples. The heart is a rather important piece of your body that runs on electrical signals ...Passing a current across the chest from any E-Stim equipment MAY disrupt its operation. To play safe stick to stimming below the waist (and remember hand to hand may pass across the chest.. a definite NO.NO.)

If you know exactly what you are doing it is possible to undertake safe electro nipple play, with specialised equipment such as the E-Stim Systems 2B™ and BiPolar EClips.

Can I use E-Stim if I have a heart condition?

If you have a heart condition you should NOT use any kind of electro-therapy device unless recommended and guided by your medical practitioner.

Can I use E-Stim on my head, ears, neck?

No. The general advice is to stay below the waist, but certainly avoid anything above the shoulders - there are too many autonomous nerves that could be inadvertently stimulated by e-stim.

Can I use e-stim with a chastity belt?

Yes. in various ways depending on how you wish to connect it up. There are so many variations it is impossible to describe them all

Can I use E-Stim with a prince albert?

Yes with care. Because piercing normally offer a small contact area resulting in high current density this might possibly result in burns, however if the piercing is relatively old (6 months +) and you start with low levels and plenty of water based lube, some interesting effects can be had.

Can i use e-stim with an IUD?

Yes. An IUD (Inter Uertine Devices) although they normally have a copper (i.e. metal) component, this does not normally offer a contact point for any e-stim electrode. Even if an e-stim electrode contacted the IED the worst case situation is feeling a sensation in a different place.

Can I use e-stim with piercings?

The normal advice is no, but it is possible with a little care. Because peircings normally offer a small contact area resulting in high current density this might possibly result in burns, however if the piercing is relatively old (6 months +) and you start with low levels and plenty of water based lube, some interesting effects can be had.

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