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We pride ourselves on our customer service and the results speak for themselves. Some of our customers have been good enough to post about their experiences with our service and our products. Comments are all the authors own. Names have been deleted to protect the innocent!!

Just like to say thanks for the great Service. PC

I made the purchase on the 28th and it arrived on the 29th. HFO on the same day. Thank you estim.A Puppy

Thank you for your recent emails and demo at the BBB. I have now made my purchases and I am very happy with them. I commend you for your service and thank you again for your patience.Mr D

The 2B was good before I could connect my Mac, but now with the new commander program it is even better. It is worth every cent SSD

Dear Sir, I have purchased many adult product over the years, and I though I had tried everything, and I had until I tried your 2B. It is simply magical. - DK

I have received my order and I am very pleased with your products - the Series 2 is a great piece of kit! Many thanks. - SH

Thanks Wayne. The kit arrived on Saturday and was enjoyed hugely by both of us.
High customer satisfaction lol! - T

Hi , I got the box yesterday. It arrived on Friday but as I was away for the weekend I didn't get my hands on it until last night. We've just given it a test run...on my, I didn't think you could better the first box but this thing is outrageous!!

D's a very vocal sub, well she's quite a screamer actually (bet you can guess where this is going ). I plugged her in, spoke into the box, she jumped, squealed and of course the box did it's thing. I think we may have discovered perpetual motion here! The possibilities with this new toy are endless, and we haven't even tried it with an mp3 player yet.

As you can tell we're really pleased with it. - R&D

Hi Just wanted to let you know that my ABox arrived safely this morning couldn't wait to play with it so it was straight out of the box. Had a great time it really adds a new dimension to whole experience as you never quite know what your going to get next. Had a terrific hfo really quickly looking forward to experimenting much more and lasting longer :-)) - M

Dear e-stim,

I purchased a series 1 box + veriprobe and a flanged electrode. I love these items and my sub loves to hate them. With just a little practice I have become very adept at using them, both front and back. This being to my subs great delight and exasperation! Many many orgasms later both I and my sub agree the e-stim[Series 1] is the best purchase we have made for some time. Thank you e-stim. - MarkitMaster & Sub R

Dear Miss,

It was really nice to see you on Sunday. Your demo was excellent, and you did really well as 'demo bunny'. The double pinwheel's a fantastic addition to the toy box. We tried it out tonight; D was hitting notes that Lesley Garret couldn't reach! Thank you for making these devilish devices, you've added whole new elements to our play. - R&D.

This happy customer wishes to declare that she for the first time in her life managed to orgasm entirely hands free, i.e. without my own hands, mechanical handheld tools or the services of other persons somehow. Veriprobe, front orifice.

Perhaps this is not a wholesome testimonial, but you are free to use it if you see fit. - J

Thanks - it’s arrived promptly and safely. Brilliant box - well, you know that... - J

I wish there was such a unit when I bought my first tens unit. The Ebox Series 1 is an excellent starter starter kit, which comes with pads and all you need to get you going. - E

We gave the E-Stim box a thorough road test on Saturday...:) Was much fun and appreciated by all. Whilst the continuous and pulsed modes were very pleasant and stimulating, the manual fire button was a hazard to sub-kind! I recommend restraining a sub before using this mode as he or she is very likely to turn It’s seriously good at stimulating the flight or fight response - not ideal for inducing submission but it does take a huge effort on the part of a sub not to do *anything* to stop it happening, so perhaps an interesting exercise in self control and desire to submit. On the other hand, maybe I am just a particularly stroppy sub...;) If it had been anyone but my Dom pressing those buttons, I would have decked them! I was pretty impressed with the E-Stim box (apart from evil manual fire button!). One need hardly venture outdoors again.... - D

Found out about this box a few weeks ago but couldn’t see any comment from anyone else so I decided to get one and see what it was like. I have to say it is an excellent box! Far far better than the TENS unit I have been using! Very clean feeling output, plenty of power and nice easy controls. Everything anyone could want from a starter box really and a total bargain price. Got a lovely HFO the first time i used it and every time since. Also very good customer services, regular email updates on my order and quick response to questions and queries. Congrats to the guys for a great product and great service, I give you an A+ and looking forward to the other stuff you have in the pipeline! - JA

I've just bought one [a series 1] and can confirm the really fast and friendly service. Its the first box I’ve bought. Been reading about stimming but hadn’t managed to find any one to try it out with, so just went shopping to get my own kit. Have had excellent fun already has been well worth buying . - L

He took me off to Swamp. We were having a great time chatting to people; some of whom we had met before; some of whom were new faces. Unfortunately (for me), there were a couple there selling Eboxes (Mistress Caz and Si). My LSOP was very interested in these little electric boxes and within seconds he had purchased one, complete with a fairly large metal electrode. Now I wonder where he intended to put that?? I found out very quickly!! He took me off to a quiet corner and inserted said electrode in my anus, threading the wires up through my corset so he could attach them easily to the box. Now, I'm not keen on having inanimate objects placed in any of my orifices, which obviously appealed to my LSOP even more. So armed with his little black box we wandered around, chatting to people. At every opportunity my LSOP demonstrated his new toy, much to my discomfort and his glee. God it made me jump. When it is turned up it really feels like lots of needles pricking over and over in the same spot. Horrid, horrid thing . . . but extremely entertaining for my LSOP and for the others that he allowed to play with it. Watching me jump about in mid conversation - very off putting and sometimes quite painful." - Tz

Hi , just to say thank you for the demo on the e-stim box,which encouraged us to purchase one from you.All we can say is WOW with BIG capital letters.

Thanks again,see you next month - R&D

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Customer Comments

We pride ourselves on our customer service and we have a reputation of listening to our customers. Click for some of our customers comments.


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