How to 'cook' a slave

By E-Stim Systems

Quick Guide

Level : Advanced

Preparation Time : 5 minutes

Cooking Time : as long as you want

Serves : one

Suitable for vegetarians

May contain nuts


2 computers, these can be Mac's running OSX or Windows based PC's running at least XP or a combination of both. Both Computers need an active and working internet connection.

2 Copies of Commander 2. downloadable for free from here

1 Uplink cable, purchased as part of the Uplink Pack from here

1 2B E-Stim power box running 2.09 or above. purchased from here

Step 1 - Preparation

Find the IP of the machine you wish to connect TO (the 'slave').

Decide what port number you want to use (>1024). We currently default to 8888.

Make sure the port is open on any firewall you may be using.

Step 2 - Being submissive

On the SLAVE connect the uplink cable to the 2B, enable, and check connection is working

On the SLAVE enter the port number, select Listen and then click activate. Wait for the master to connect.

Step 3 - Connecting the Master

On the MASTER enter the port number, and the IP of the submissive machine.

Select Connect from the drop down and click activate. You will notice that any local connection control for the local 2B will be disabled / greyed out. If things have been successful you should see messages indicating a connection to the remote unit.

Step 4 - Tasting

Adjust a slider on the MASTER, the slave should see the change, the 2B connected to the 2B should see the change, and the Master should see the results of the change. Thats it… have fun!!


Have a look at the forum,, or send me an email with a copy of the activity file.