Connecting Commander to a 2B

Connecting Commander to a 2B

By E-Stim Systems

Quick Guide

Level : Advanced

Preparation Time : 5 minutes

Cooking Time : as long as you want

Serves : one

Suitable for vegetarians

May contain nuts


1 computer, Mac's running OSX or Windows based PC's running at least Windows XP.

1 Spare and working USB port.

1 Copy of Commander 2. downloadable for free from here. One version is for Mac, one version is for PC. do not confuse them

1 Uplink cable, purchased as part of the Uplink Pack from here

1 2B E-Stim power box running firmware 2.09 or above. purchased from here

Step 1 - Preparation

Install the drivers for the Uplink Interface Cable. These are either on the install USB Stick or can be downloaded from here. If you do not install the drivers for the UpLink Interface cable before attempting any further stages, nothing is going to work.

Copy the Commander files to your desktop. If they have been supplied as a 'zip' file then you will need to 'unzip' them first. The Commander files are not an installable application, they are run as a standalone program, and therefore must not be installed into a protected system area. The Desktop is fine.

Step 2 - Finding the port

Plug the Uplink Cable into your computer. Wait for the OS to recognise it.

Using the tools on your operating system, identify the COM port or Serial Port assigned to the cable, once it is plugged in. If you don't how to do this, then please ask someone, or use google.

Step 3 - Turn on

Switch your 2B on.

Using the menu controls ion the 2B, select Commander -> On. and then PRESS THE SELECT button to switch commander mode on. You should see an arrow on the bottom line of the main display.

Commander Display

If you do not see this arrow, then the 2B will NOT respond to any commands from Commander.

Connect the Uplink Cable 3.5mm jack to the 'digital link/audio in' socket on the 2B.

Run Commander2.

If it complains about not being able to find the serial port, and you are trying to connect to a 2B directly via the USB, then go to step one and read the instructions again..

Step 4 - Final Stir

Using the drop down menu in the Box marked 'Local 2B Connection' select the port the USB cable is connected to. This is the port you identified in Step 2. Then Click Connect

If everything is working, you should see some response on the screen. If not check every step. Have you had any error messages? Have a look at the Activity File for activity.

Step 5 - Tease and Enjoy

You should have full control over the controls of the 2B from the comfort of your computer.The controls should be self explanatory, but if you hit escape, everything goes back to zero.

Should you feel the need further then you can continue with our further recipes including 2B internet play


Check you have followed each and every step, Have a look at the forum,, or send us an email with a copy of the activity file, and details of the problems you have encountered. We can also offer support us via our online chat system, and try to talk you through each step.

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